Dear Children,

As I write this I cannot but help recollect the fond memories of my own school days. When I look back at those days, I realize the value of the time spent at school. And the value was not just about getting good grades, studying for exams and getting an admission in a good college.

A simple thing like reaching to school in time taught me the importance of punctuality, something that I have practiced throughout my professional life and benefited immensely from. Completing the homework helped me understand the value of taking responsibility and fulfilling it irrespective of whatever hurdles come in way. And of course the extracurricular activities that I participated in gave me a broader outlook of many aspects not covered by the subjects that were taught in school.

Another very important value I picked up at school was the importance of sharing. Waiting for my turn at the water cooler, sharing the desk with my desk mate and the lunch box with my friends (here I must say that I sometimes did take more than my fair share) all taught me the joy of sharing.

Dear Parent,

At RIS, we take care to nurture every student in a holistic way – not just in academics but also in terms of all round growth. Since these are their most impressionable years, we spare no effort to ensure that they are guided by the best teachers who inspire and motivate them.

Besides providing them with the latest learning aids, we inculcate in them the importance of values - so essential for an upright character. We do believe our students must aim to score top grades not just in class but also as human beings.

That's what makes them unique!

CA . Sunil G. Karve


Hon. Chairman,
Governing Board,
Radiant International School.


We empower our students and inspire one another to take thoughtful action.

To see our students grow up as empowered, integrated & committed human beings who would contribute to bring about a positive & progressive change in society, country & the whole world.


  • Our mission is to provide excellence in education through a caring and diverse environment that encourages the holistic development of each student. We prepare students with the means to succeed in a challenging world.
  • To impart holistic education that addresses the development of all facets of a child's personality i.e. mental, physical, spiritual, social, cultural, moral, intellectual & emotional.
  • To groom the children into a confident & responsible individuals enabling him to cope up effectively with any trying situation & challenge of life.