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Welcome to Radiant International School (RIS)

Best CBSE International School in Kurla

Radiant International School is deeply devoted to the commitment of providing quality education at an affordable cost to all sections of society ....

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Best Schools in Kurla
Top CBSE International School in Mumbai


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Dance is a form of expression which helps children release the built-up energy thus articulating their emotions through movement.


Music helps children build imagination and intellectual interests by providing a break from the academic lessons.

Art and Craft

Art helps develop Creative problem-solving skills and enhances inventiveness in a child.

Communication Skills

Effective communication is the essence of all day-to-day activities which if enhanced, empowers the child and builds self-confidence.

Radiant Sports

New age sports education and training programme especially designed for various age groups is conducted by kooh Sports.

Our Philosophy

Radiant School adopts and adapts the philosophy of CBSE to practice education for all without discrimination of any sort so that the needs are correctly addressed. The prime focus of the school is to practice a skill based curriculum and content driven too. The school follows the curriculum (prescribed by the Central Board of Secondary Education) with English as the First Language.

Top CBSE Schools in Kurla