Radiant International School


Imparting mere knowledge sans making human being with humaneness does not suffice. In other words it is not a complete education. Preparing intellectually, emotionally, socially, ethically and professionally a strong character is the vision of our School. When Radianties pass out from Radiant International School, they should be well-equipped with expertise and unflinching will and unfading enthusiasm and confidence to confront emerging challenges in their personal life and professional arena. Hence, Radiant International School endeavours with untainted mission to do justice to it.
Moreover, Radiant International School, prepares children to cut across caste, creed, or race in order to take them to a world of mutual love, understanding and concern for their fellow men. Respect for all religions and faith in ONE GOD who loves all men as well as all living beings, is the hallmark of our system of education.


Radiant International School, strongly believes that every child is endowed with astounding talents and potentialities and it is the onus of the school to help tap them and make the students realise them, be it academic or extracurricular activities. Thus the school prepares children for leading a meaningful and successful life, uncompromisingly Interested in the welfare of their fellow men and their country. In addition to this, it creates ample opportunities for children to unearth their potential and talents and nurtures them and develops them to the full-on.Thus Radiant International School, builds confidence in every child and prepares a strong and professional personality inextricably rooted in our cultures, ethics, values and professionalism. Radiant International School Imparts World-Class Education, making them think globally and act locally.

Radiant’s Maxim

“I can do it and
I will do it; If not I, Who can?”

Our Basic Philosophy

Following are our Philosophical principles:

1. Education serves all people in a democracy.
2. Education develops high democratic ideals.
3. Education deals with all aspects of life.
4. Education changes behaviour.
5. Education functions through many age behaviours.
6. Education continues throughout life.
7. Education aims at self-direction.
8. Education provides for intelligent adjustments to social change.

Our Mission Statement

-> I will always seek and merit help.
-> I value true love as guide to my relationship with others.
-> I consider the price of living is giving.
-> I shall never compromise with honesty. I shall hold strong to what is right at whatever the cost.
-> I will be sincere yet decisive.
-> I make gratitude and faithfulness as my way of life.
-> I plan tomorrow's work today.
-> I shall always maintain a positive attitude.
-> I will keep a sense of humour.
-> I shall listen twice as much as speak.
-> I shall keep my body fit by daily exercises and my mind by continuous study.
-> I will be orderly in my person and work.
-> I will be a self-starting individual who exercises initiative in accomplishing life's goals..
-> I will always keep myself from addiction and destructive habits.
-> I will use what money and talents have to make life.
-> Enjoyable for others through service and charitable giving..
-> I would exercise wisdom in what choose to eat, do at home and everywhere.
-> In prosperity and adversity, would keep my mental balance.

Social Responsibility

We work to encourage every student to be an active member within the school community as well as to be a responsible person in the society. Some ways by which we achieve this are:
✰ Picnics
✰ Field Trips
✰ Spelling Bee, Debates, Quiz. Elocutions, Olympiads, Cambridge Exams and other Co-curricular events
✰ Parents time-commitment responsibilities Newsletter
✰ Equal opportunity to every child
✰ General Assembly and Prayer (all attend)
✰ Parent-Teacher Interaction
✰ Monthly Competitions
✰ Annual Athletic meet
✰ Founder's Day Celebration
✰ Celebration of national festivals
✰ Religious and other Celebrations
✰ Co-Curricular Activities
✰ Newspaper in Education
✰ Regular tests (Morning & Evening)
✰ Periodic Tests
✰ Cycle Tests
✰ GK & Word test
✰ Regular coaching for Board and Competitive examinations
✰ Life Skills Training and Counselling Session
✰ Extra curricular Activity Galore
✰ Sports and Games
✰ Medical Facility
✰ Laboratories
✰ Library
✰ Van Facility
✰ Digital Class Rooms

NCERT Syllabus and CBSE Pattern of Assessment & Evaluation

Keeping on par with the CBSE pattern of assessment and evaluation, the school from Class 1, endeavours to prepare its children to take CBSE examinations confidently and competently. The school aims at gradual introduction of vocational courses and training to equip students with new and requisite skill-sets. As far as the primary wing is concerned, the children are trained in fine arts like primarily focusing on Listening and English Speaking Skills. In addition to this, in the primary and middle wing, students are trained in minor trades and in the high school, major trades. The school creates real-life platform to showcase their talents and skills, by providing facilities for the holistic development of the child. The school has professionally qualified and well-trained and experienced teaching fraternity for various vocations and trades.
The performance of students will be assessed by means of Periodic Tests, Notebooks and Projects and Annual Assessment.
There are three periodic Tests: PT1, PT2, PT3 and PT4 the Annual Assessment according to the following schedule.
PT1, PT2 and PT3 and PT4 Average of best 2-PTs (of 20 marks) in all subjects.
The marks secured by the students in Average of the Periodic Tests are finally converted to ten respectively.
Notebooks (5 marks) and Project (5 marks) shall be awarded in the Academic Session.

Promotion Policy

For students of Class I to Class VIII, Promotion will be granted on the basis of their overall performance during the academic session. Their performance will be tested through continuous/periodic assessment.